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Normal shy & introvert guy born and brought up in southernmost Tamilnadu and currently traveling throughout the Bharat to experience its ancient originality. I would like to call it as a yatra or pilgrimage instead of mere travel and the inspiration for the pilgrimage are our maharishi’s & sages and my yatras revolve around the sacred places mentioned in our ancient scriptures like Ramayan, Srimad Bhagawatam, Padma Puran, Brahmanda Puran, Mahabharat, Varaha Puran, Skanda Puran, Linga puran etc.

My yatras began on year 2009 and it has almost been a decade now when I just turned back and cherish the memories. However, I have neither written about it nor photographed it much SINCE MY CORE OBJECTIVE OF THE EACH YATRAS WERE TO EXPERIENCE AND SUBMERGE INTO THE DIVINITY PREVAILED ON EVERY SACRED PLACE rather than merely photographing it.

Earlier, I don’t even have an instincts to write down names of the places I travelled and When I went to Mysuru Chamundeshwari Temple on 4th-May, 2019, I paid attention to my inner callings to write a blog with her blessings about my small experience about wandering around this great nation and its ever thriving vibrant civilization.

I would like to add that Mrs. Anuradha Goyal and her award winning travel blog are also one of the important influencing factor to build my own blog.

Henceforth, I will write in this blog about my past, present and future walking trails around each mahakshetras with its legend, sthala purana (kshetra mahatmiya), significance of respective places mentioned as per our Puranas & Epics and of course its archaeological significance as well as engineering marvel with hopefully better pics.  

If this blog induces at least one person to do pilgrimage as per our Shastras, then the objective of this blog would be met.

The tagline of this blog is, “Exploring Ancient Bharat”. The exploration of Ancient Bharat is not only through yatras but also predominently through digging deeper into the ancient texts & submerge into its divinity as much as possible.

I am in advance apologize to my beloved readers for any mistakes in grammar, meaning etc and I strongly believe that over the period, my writing as well as photography skills will be nurtured by devout readers like you.

Enjoy the reading and Enjoy the yatra.

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